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April 2, 2009 at 02:27 (Uncategorized)

If you have googled for me, you may have found this blog. This blog is just a random blog fo rmy personal random musings. I use it for testing out new methods of posting to WordPress.

For technical articles, see the WordPress blog hosted on my site, at

If you are interested in wxCPAN, a GUI Perl module manager, go to or


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GSoC Proposal – Theme Builder

April 1, 2009 at 21:40 (Uncategorized)

Description: A Theme Builder that can be used by a WordPress theme for users to design their own themes. It will include two parts:
1. An HTML widget, similar to a toolbar, for creating the styles, which will edit styles interactively. This will include editing fonts, backgrounds, etc, and possibly slight image editing support. This would be powered by jQuery.
2. A “mediator” backend that will be used by plugins (modules) and/or themes. This backend would include:
a. a method for storing theme data for each user as a cookie, so the user could theme once and view any other [WordPress] site (which has the Theme Builder theme installed) with the same theme. This would allow more uniform look and feel across all WordPress sites. Configure once – view anywhere! This method will work for any role, including guests.
b. a theme data format. This could be configured to use several formats, including CSS and a “faster” custom format.
c. a module (which can be cloned and modified to work with other software), which would include:
i. a method for creating and storing new themes in the current WordPress site.
ii. a method for import/export by the theme engine for migrating to and from another [Drupal] installation.

About Me:
I have been designing web sites since the ancient days of 1996. I also work as a student for my university, in the capacity of web master for the largest school on campus (27 departments!). In what little spare time I have, i like to create tools for other developers, so I can make their, and my, life a little easier. Web site:

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